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Restaurants and

Restaurants and Hopitality

Enghub is an expert supplier of IT hardware, software, and solutions to restaurants, hotels, clubs, and other food and beverage hospitality-based businesses.

    We have extensive experience in establishing and maintaining hospitality IT
    infrastructure, including the support of point-of-sale (POS) and accounting systems.
    Working closely with you, we create flexible solutions that help you drive efficiencies in both internal back-office functions and guest-facing services while providing you with a solid platform to develop new guest-focused services.
    We give you the tools to:
    • Offer a consistent and personalized customer experience.
    • Improve your operational effectiveness.
    • Transform your organization in line with your guest's needs.
    • Take advantage of new technological opportunities to drive profitable growth.
    • Maximize your cost savings.
    • Confidently extend your hours of operation knowing that your network is constantly being monitored and supported by a skilled and experienced team of support personnel.
    • Allow you to focus on your core business.

    Explore our robust, end-to-end Restaurant IT Solutions and Hotel IT Solutions to find
    out more about how we can help you.
    We offer a New Site Opening service to our customers, providing the IT experience and support necessary to ensure that new sites are fully operational from the second the doors open. Our EPOS Support service helps hotel and hospitality businesses benefit from less disruption to their operations, minimizing the impact on the customer experience, while our Kitchen Display Support service assists in increasing kitchen staff productivity for restaurants, improving the dining experience for customers and accelerating table turnaround during busy periods.

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