Enghub’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution provides businesses with highly automated compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities on-demand. Our customers are able to self-provision infrastructure to help them with the fluctuating demands on their IT infrastructure.
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the internet. Customers who access this service from Enghub can quickly scale up and down with demand and only pay for they use. IaaS helps IT teams avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing their own physical servers and other data center infrastructure. Each resource is offered as a separate service component, and the IT team only needs to rent a particular part for as long as they need it. Enghub will manage the infrastructure, while you purchase, install, configure and manage your own software, operating systems, middleware, and applications.

Enghub’s customers use IaaS to:
• Test and develop: IT Teams can quickly set up and dismantle test and development environments, bringing new applications to market faster. IaaS makes scaling dev-test environments up and down quick and economical.
• Website hosting: Running websites using IaaS can be less expensive than traditional web hosting.
• Storage, backup and recovery: Businesses avoid the capital outlay for storage and complexity of storage management, which typically requires skilled staff to manage data and meet legal and compliance requirements. IaaS is useful for handling unpredictable demand and steadily growing storage needs. It can also simplify the planning and management of backup and recovery systems.
• Web apps: IaaS provides all the infrastructure to support web apps, including storage, web and application servers, and networking resources. Businesses can quickly deploy web apps on IaaS and easily scale infrastructure up and down when demand for the apps is unpredictable.
• High-performance computing: High-performance computing (HPC) on supercomputers, computer grids or computer clusters helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables or calculations.
• Big data analysis: Big data is a popular term for massive data sets that contain potentially valuable patterns, trends, and associations. Mining datasets to locate or tease out these hidden patterns requires a huge amount of processing power, which IaaS provides economically.

Benefits of IT infrastructure services for your business include:
• Eliminates capital expense and reduces ongoing costs: IaaS moves past the upfront expense of setting up and managing an on-site data center, making it an economical option for IT teams who may not have large IT infrastructure budgets available to them.
• Improves business continuity and disaster recovery: Achieving high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery is expensive, as it requires a significant amount of technology and staff. But with the right service level agreement (SLA) in place, IaaS can reduce this cost, meaning IT teams can access applications and data as usual during a disaster or outage.
• Innovation: As soon as the IT team has decided to launch a new product or initiative, the necessary computing infrastructure can be ready in minutes or hours, rather than the days or weeks it could take to set up internally.
• Respond quicker to business needs: IaaS enables IT teams to quickly scale up resources to accommodate spikes in demand for applications and other operating systems.
• Focus on the core business: IaaS frees up the IT team to focus on core business rather than on IT infrastructure and administrative processes.
• Increase stability, reliability, and support: With IaaS, there is no need to maintain and upgrade software and hardware or troubleshoot equipment problems. With the appropriate agreement in place, Enghub makes sure that your infrastructure is reliable and meets SLAs.
• Better security: With the appropriate service agreement, Enghub can provide security for your applications and data that may be better than what you can attain in-house.
• Gets new apps to users faster: Because you don’t need to first set up the infrastructure before you can develop and deliver apps, you can get them to users faster with IaaS.


From selection to deployment, Enghub provides IT supply chain services to businesses. Choosing and procuring the right technology is just the beginning of the IT supply chain challenge. Businesses require a set of diverse skills, systems, and processes around the IT supply chain, meaning they must look to a trusted IT services and solutions provider to fully meet product fulfillment, lifecycle, and logistics needs.
Enghub’s End-to-End Supply Chain Lifecycle Approach enables businesses to identify, determine and procure the appropriate products and commercials to address their technology requirements, providing a complete service and support throughout the entire lifecycle.

The supply chain services Enghub provides include:
• Product Selection: Product Selection should always be based on the business needs for the end-user's role, making sure the product is fit for purpose. At Enghub we adopt a proactive approach to product selection always making sure that the products selected maximize end-user productivity and address cost of service.
• Roadmap Management: Our multi-vendor, cross-technology roadmap service enables a proactive portfolio transition. Early visibility of product transition enables technical, commercial and vendor reviews to be undertaken so informed decisions can be made.
• Benchmarking: We provide transparent, objective and comprehensive market analysis, vendor comparisons and component-level reviews.
• Product Fulfilment and Business Take On: We provide standardized, repeatable, robust and measurable processes and tools to enable seamless transactions. A named account team is put in place to make sure of continuity of service and simplified communication channels.
• Service Governance: Effective governance is fundamental to measuring service performance, enabling review and adherence with current service level agreements and accommodating amendments in line with business changes.
• Commercial and Portfolio Management: We offer innovative commercial solutions including Gain Share, Capacity on Demand and Planned Life Purchase. Our proven approach to Supplier Rationalization helps consolidate and rationalize product portfolios to realize significant savings.
• Configuration and Asset Tagging: We offer pre-configuration and asset tagging of system hardware, deploying software images prior to dispatch. Configuration can be performed across desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, departmental and enterprise servers, switches and routers. Products are asset tagged prior to deployment in accordance with your standards and requirements. We record and share asset data to maintain the integrity of asset registers.
• Build Management: Our Build Management Service is designed to enhance your existing in-house capability. Our configuration center offers remote build access to facilitate pre-building of hardware with personalization of assets prior to deployment.
• Logistics: We offer a full range of delivery services, from basic next day delivery, through to time delivery to a specific location. Our unique Mobile Installation Service simplifies deployment projects as packaging is removed and ethically disposed and products are asset tagged and configured before delivery simplifying installation and minimizing end-user disruption.
• Logistical Deployment: Once on site we can install the devices and connect peripherals; pulling down personal user images, migrating users’ local data, connecting power cables and performing any relevant power-on self-tests. Basic steps to finish the configuration can also be included.
• Disposal Services: We enable businesses to maximize the lifespan and value of redundant IT assets through redeployment of existing assets or recycling in accordance with environmental legislation. Asset disposal is undertaken either on-site or at our configuration center facility. We can also assist in the re-deployment of software licenses.


The benefits of using Enghub’s IT supply chain services include:

Cost Reduction
• Take advantage of bulk purchase discounts
• Remove the need to find and fund storage space
• Reduce the cost of deployment and risk of image or device failures on-site

Risk Avoidance
• Ensure product stability and supply continuity for the life of deployment projects
• Equipment arrives ready to use, significantly reducing issues with Dead On Arrival (DOA) units
• Better control and visibility of the IT environment to reduce the risk of software licensing violations and security breaches

Access to Skilled Resources
• Free up expensive technical staff to work on higher-value projects
• Access to a wide range of expertise enables informed business decisions, freeing up internal IT resources to focus on innovation and delivering value

Environmentally Conscious
• Fully transparent, secure and compliant IT asset disposal, recycle and recovery service to support corporate social responsibility. Improve energy efficiency and reduce a carbon footprint

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
• Improved access to and reporting on data relating to expenditure
• Full integration of procurement platforms enables leverage of ROI in existing systems
• Our breadth of technical skills enables a holistic approach, considering the specific benefits and implications of introducing new technologies
• We support businesses in all verticals, enabling them to benefit from solutions successfully delivered elsewhere


Enghub provides a range of professional IT services, including strategic consultancy and project management solutions, to help businesses achieve their objectives. Our experienced teams work side by side with customers to ensure that the IT solutions and services they choose are the right fit for their business.

We offer a range of IT consultancy services based on 4 key pillars:
• Strategy & Advice: Analyze, develop and realign your IT strategy considering elements such as cost, your business objectives, and change programs.
• Financial & Commercial: Take an overall view of IT operations analytics, commercial management, and capabilities, analyzing cost, TCO and your business outcomes.
• Governance & Risk: Assess the risk to your business in terms of performance, efficiency and managing exposure. Our consultants provide the processes, procedures, and tools to implement frameworks and meet compliance requirements.
• Transformation & delivery: Make sure IT is helping deliver your business strategy. We provide guidance on the delivery of transformative technology, taking IT and business outcomes into account, as well as cost and readiness.

The benefits of Enghub’s IT consultancy practice include:
• Speed to Transformation: Securely adopt new technologies and proactively manage and pre-empt issues to extend the value of IT infrastructure
• Improved IT Efficiency: Simplify IT infrastructure by removing complexities, while applying lean processes to reduce costly inefficiencies to optimize your IT infrastructure and align it to business goals
• Mitigate Risk: Maximize IT infrastructure performance, whilst minimizing risk to keep the business running even as your IT infrastructure grows and changes
• Show Business Impact: Keep a sharp focus on driving business outcomes, not just maintaining the network infrastructure that supports it
• Improve and Maintain Performance: Of collaboration tools and operating systems so they are always available and ready to be used
• Out-Tasking: Automate key solution management processes to reduce the burden on IT.

Enghub’s IT project management service enables businesses to employ trusted, experienced IT and project management professionals to run their strategically important IT projects. The services we provide help businesses deliver IT outcomes aligned to business goals.
Today’s IT infrastructure environment is more complex than ever before. Installing new technology from the data center to devices and making sure the network is up and running at all times, can be a daunting task for any IT department. Having access to the right project management skills and experience available during programs of work is often the difference between a successful project and a long, costly and frustrating ordeal.
We are able to help customers in a variety of ways, including:
Planning: Your Project Manager will work closely with you to understand the technology, scheduling and training goals to be accomplished over the course of the project. We will translate your expectations into comprehensive, documented plans that cover the various aspects of installation, including the involvement of other vendors.
Focal Point: Your Project Manager acts as a single focal point for the project. This allows all feedback and progress to be channeled through a single function so that you get regular, accurate updates about your installation status.
Rollout Management: Enghub can develop and manage a documented rollout plan for your distributed IT infrastructure that includes key elements such as site readiness, pre-loaded software, schedules, test plans, and training. We can also identify logical checkpoints and monitor service calls during the rollout to help make sure that remote users are not affected by any changes made throughout the lifecycle of a project.
Installation Management: We can coordinate the efforts of field installation teams to install hardware, software and any other related equipment when it is most convenient for your business, with minimal disruption. We can test all installations to make sure they meet their operational specifications. We can provide training for your remote users and work with your help desk to make sure that your local support teams are trained and involved.
Support: In the event that you require additional technical support, Enghub can co-ordinate resolution of hardware, coding or software errors. We can also work with other vendors to assist in problem diagnosis and resolve problems that might impact the success of your installation.
Customer Functions: We can undertake many tasks related to an installation that is traditionally done by the customer. These tasks may include communicating with remote sites, operator training and developing or rewriting procedures.
At Enghub we understand all IT projects are unique, and in-house IT teams need access to people and resources who have successfully been involved with IT infrastructure projects previously. Our breadth of professional capability, expertise and experience helps make sure that you attain your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Enghub is working closely with technology teams to bring our expertise of Microsoft Professional IT Services to customers - from business planning to deployment and support - across a range of Microsoft products and solutions. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Microsoft technology portfolio mean working with businesses to deploy Microsoft solutions that help reduce costs, bring innovative solutions to market faster, optimize IT services and improve employee productivity.

Managed Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Microsoft Office 365 is a proven, subscription-based cloud solution that allows you and your team to connect to your data from anywhere using familiar web-enabled apps or tools.
Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s office suite hosted in the cloud. It includes all the usual Microsoft Office package features:
• Office suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
• Email and calendaring – Connect with customers and fellow workers using Outlook and Exchange
• File storage – Manage your files from anywhere with up to 1TB per user
• Data protection controls – Help secure business data on personal and company-owned devices
• Safest windows operating system ever – Get upgraded to Windows 10 and all associated security patches
• Cyber threat protection – Help protect PCs and end-user devices from malware, viruses, and spyware by having Microsoft patches automatically deployed to devices which are using Office 365
• Administration and deployment – Manage new PC’s and devices faster and more easily by having all tools accessible in the Microsoft cloud
• Dependability and support – Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime and 24x7 online and phone support

Benefits of Enghub’s Microsoft Office 365 services for your business:
• Reduce risks through holistic transformational planning to ensure business continuity
• Faster return-on-investment through cost-saving implementation processes and integration with line-of-business systems
• Achieve greater agility with a successful engagement that positions your business to take advantage of the transformative potential of Office 365
• Increase user acceptance through training and change management that minimizes disruption and maximizes employee experience
• Improve overall end-user adoption by measuring and providing insight into Office 365 adoption and cross-team collaboration patterns within the workplace
• Free IT staff to focus on new, strategic initiatives by having our team of experts manage the services of the greater ecosystem

Managed Microsoft Azure for Business

We have the tools and experience needed to fully manage your Microsoft Azure cloud environment for you. We will plan and build your environment, migrate your existing setup and then fully support you, ensuring that you remain secure and completely backed up.
As becoming the solution of choice for a range of cloud computing solutions. At Enghub, we work with your business and IT teams to help you take advantage of everything Microsoft Azure has to offer; from migrating legacy applications to creating custom solutions.

Our Azure Migration solutions can help IT, teams:
• Move applications out of “legacy” environments to the cloud, to take advantage of low-cost, low-touch runtime environments
• Scale easily and on demand to provide capacity only when you need it and to handle unexpected load changes
• Improve performance and reduce costs through our unique portfolio of design assets, frameworks, reusable components and thought leadership
• Reduce the time it takes to pilot and test solutions with much higher availability
• Significantly increase the capacity of your existing infrastructure and achieve high-performance computing
• Rapidly improve business agility and flexibility while simultaneously reducing infrastructure, maintenance, and energy costs
Benefits of using Enghub for Microsoft Azure:
• Meet business and technical requirements, with the flexibility to choose the right combination of public cloud and private cloud
• Focus on building applications that differentiate your core business while consuming managed cloud services deployed in an on-premises environment
• Gain efficiency in application development, testing, and deployment by leveraging a single development platform and using the applications the same way whether they run on Azure or Azure Stack
• Increase your ability to meet governance and compliance requirements while leveraging public cloud technologies in an on-premises deployment