Enghub are expert suppliers of IT hardware, software, and solutions to restaurants, hotels, clubs and other food and beverage hospitality-based businesses.

We have extensive experience in establishing and maintaining hospitality IT infrastructure, including the support of point-of-sale (POS) and accounting systems.
Working closely with you, we create flexible solutions that help you drive efficiencies in both internal back-office functions and guest-facing services while providing you with a solid platform to develop new guest-focused services.
These solutions are geared to provide greater service availability, which results in fewer costly interruptions to your operations and improved customer experience, at a time when there is rising customer expectation and demand for exceptional service.

We give you the tools to:
• Offer a consistent and personalized customer experience.
• Improve your operational effectiveness.
• Transform your organization in line with your guest's needs.
• Take advantage of new technological opportunities to drive profitable growth.
• Maximize your cost savings.
• Confidently extend your hours of operation knowing that your network is constantly being monitored and supported by a skilled and experienced team of support personnel.
• Allow you to focus on your core business.

Explore our robust, end-to-end Restaurant IT Solutions and Hotel IT Solutions to find out more about how we can help you.
We offer a New Site Opening service to our customers, providing the IT experience and support necessary to ensure that new sites are fully operational from the second the doors open. Our EPOS Support service helps hotel and hospitality businesses benefit from less disruption to their operations, minimizing the impact on the customer experience, while our Kitchen Display Support service assists in increasing kitchen staff productivity for restaurants, improving the dining experience for customers and accelerating table turnaround during busy periods.

Restaurant IT Support
We provide restaurants with complete, managed IT Support Services, giving you all the cover and peace of mind that you need.
Enghub's IT Support for restaurants includes the provision of outsourced 24x7 Helpdesk Support, Onsite Support, and 24x7 Network Monitoring.


Restaurant Internet Access
Providing you with dependable and secure internet access and connectivity for your restaurant operations.
We offer a wide range of internet access and connectivity options so that you can select the best method to meet your restaurant needs, both now and in the future. All of our options offer rapid download and upload speeds, low contention ratios where applicable and low latency.


Restaurant Cloud Computing
Delivering all of your restaurant business-critical applications and data from a cloud platform can be hugely advantageous to you.
The cloud can provide you with excellent business agility, help you keep track of key aspects of your business, help you reduce your costs and make you more efficient, all while providing your team with a consistent and reliable platform that is designed to scale with ease.


Restaurant Point of Sale (PoS) Support
The selection of a suitable restaurant PoS system is a complex process, especially as having the right system and supporting infrastructure in place is so critical to your successful daily operations.
It is an area of technology that you need to get right as it affects all stakeholders, including your customers, suppliers and service team.


Restaurant WiFi
Offering reliable public WiFi can help you attract new customers, increase existing customer satisfaction and help you build a loyal following for your restaurant.
Enghub has a great deal of knowledge and experience installing and managing restaurant WiFi in establishments located throughout the Rwanda, helping to ensure that you enjoy a solution that works and one that allows you as a business to benefit.


New Restaurant Openings
There is an incredible amount to get done when you open a new restaurant. One of the key areas to get right is the technology and IT infrastructure.
Using the experience built up working with numerous restaurant organizations opening new restaurants throughout the Rwanda, we will take the pressure away from you, arranging everything from your connectivity to your local network, WiFi, hardware, and software.


Restaurant PCI DSS Compliance
With most people now choosing to pay for their meals by card, we understand how vital PCI DSS compliance is for your restaurant business.
Our engineering team will use the experience and knowledge gained working with our range of restaurant customers to put the required systems and processes in place for you to quickly achieve and then subsequently retain your PCI DSS Compliance.


Microsoft Office 365 for Restaurants
Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect tool-set for restaurants at a time when you are looking to grow your turnover, quickly open new venues and drive through cost reductions, while also improving consistency and your customer service.
Microsoft Office 365 for restaurants gives you and your colleagues the reliable, familiar enterprise-grade business tools that you need on an easily budgetable and easily scalable subscription basis.


Microsoft Azure for Restaurants

By adopting the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform for your restaurant business, you will have the opportunity to be agile, delivering secure, innovative solutions that can scale with ease.
You can do that without needing to invest in the technology yourself, combining the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud with the 24x7x365 support and managed services of a local multiple competency Microsoft Gold Partner with a large local team of engineers with deep restaurant experience, built up over many years working with some of the UK's leading restaurant businesses.


Restaurant IT Supply Service

Purchasing the right hardware, software, and licenses for your restaurant and managing your various supplier relationships can be an incredibly difficult and time-consuming task.
Enghub can take away that hassle, working closely with you and third-party vendors to ensure that you get the most out of your IT investment, becoming your single point of contact for your IT supply needs.


New Site Opening Service
We understand that when the decision to open up a new site is taken, it leads to a range of complex IT issues for and demands upon the business to ensure that said opening is a success.
We work with a variety of retail, restaurant, hotel and hospitality customers to help them put in place the IT they need for new site sites to be fully operational from the first day of opening.


EPOS Support Service
We understand that there are many factors to consider when selecting and managing an EPOS system and that many of these can be puzzling for the uninitiated.
By having the right EPOS support partner in place, retail, restaurant, hotel and hospitality businesses can benefit from less disruption to the business and minimal impact on the customer experience.