Enghub helps businesses to plan, design and manage their Local Area Networks (LANs).
Our LAN services and solutions enable businesses to scale their networks as their business grows, reduces security risks and makes sure the network is always available so staff can be productive.

Enghub Local Area Networking (LAN) Service Benefits
Enghub’s LAN services and solutions help businesses to improve staff productivity, reduce IT downtime and enable IT teams to work in a more efficient and effective way. By partnering with Enghub for their LAN requirements businesses can benefit from:
• Decreased network maintenance and support costs as Enghub will make sure you have a robust and always ready network which can deal with different types of traffic, data, devices and operating systems.
• Improved network performance as the network design put in place will take into account different traffic flows and demands from your staff.
• Better application performance and user satisfaction as latency will be cut across the network, with data delivered to devices in a timely and relevant manner.
• Increased staff productivity as end users will be able to access the network seamlessly and securely from any location.
• The ability to use real-time user and customer analytics in your stores, restaurants and business sites, giving your business insight into usage patterns and where upgrades may need to happen.
• A network which is intuitive, agile and can respond to the changing demands of servers and virtualization as data performance and management demands grow.
• Secure and seamless support for both wired and wireless users.
• A better more robust BYOD policy which truly empowers staff and enables customers and suppliers better access to your network when at your business sites.