Enghub IT Service Desk Transition Benefits
By having the right IT service desk transition plan in place your IT department will benefit from:
• Testing to see if you have the right IT service strategy in place and be able to see any areas which require any extra resources or attention before the service goes live.
• Analysis of different processes to see if they are efficient and effective at dealing with a range of IT issues the business will face when the service goes live.
• Gain an in-depth understanding of the different suppliers involved in the service and how they interact with each other, your business and your users.
• A better governance process in place with changes, assets, and configuration all recorded and documented so the IT Management teams know what actions have taken place and what still needs to be worked on.
• Reduced in life risk around the service as you will be able to test, validate, plan and support different IT services depending on user needs at different times.