Enghub Data Centre Transformation Benefits
By partnering with Enghub to deliver data center transformation businesses can benefit from:
• Leading performance architecture: Enghub can help your business improve interoperability between data centers and existing IT infrastructure, and offer easy and gradual migrations from old data centers to hybrid ones which use private & public cloud.
• Automated management of service level agreements: System performance can be allocated to application data by simply defining the priority or the response time, meaning your data center technology can easily fit into existing IT SLA’s.
• Improved business continuity: We offer data mirroring and data replication functions, supporting a simple and transparent failover to avoid planned or unplanned downtime. Additionally with best in class IT infrastructure deployed unplanned downtime will be at a minimum.
• Flexible data reduction technology: We provide advanced inline data reduction technologies in combination with flexible configuration options.
• Reduced IT operating costs: Enghub’s data center solutions are proven to offer higher IT performance, reduced IT administrator time, and require less space, power and cooling resources. All of these factors combined help businesses to cut IT operational costs.