Enghub helps businesses to select, deploy and manage server technologies.
Our server solutions help to build a converged IT infrastructure platform designed to reduce IT costs, operational complexity and improve IT performance.


Enghub Data Centre Server Benefits
By partnering with Enghub for server technology procurement and management, businesses can benefit from:
• Improved IT Operations: Quality server technology deployments and management mean greater control over IT operations and improved reliability around applications that are crucial to business success.
• Uncompromising Efficiency: By working with Enghub to choose the right server technology for your business, you can leverage the vital efficiency benefits to keep your costs down and your time-to-production short through fewer systems needed for the same workloads, award-winning cooling solutions, and power supply units with 96% efficiency.
• Better Business Agility: With greater agility in your day-to-day IT operation, you can turn IT faster into a business advantage. Enghub’s server solutions reduce complexity, effort, and cost in maintenance, deployment, and control, improve project delivery times and enhance the availability of applications and services to customers and users.
• Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure: With the right integration, you can cut operational costs and complexity, accelerate your time-to-operation and delivery of transformative change to your IT. Enghub server solutions also include security as standard, and the option of data center optimization services to help you improve the TCO of server technology across your estate.