Enghub Data Centre Migration Benefits
Enghub has experience in delivering data center migration projects. By working with Enghub for data center migration projects businesses can benefit from:
• Lower IT operational costs: A data center migration can reduce your IT operational costs by simplifying your data center environment. Additionally, by using best in class technologies, it increases environmental efficiencies, while decreasing power, floor space, licensing and maintenance costs.
• Increased reliability of data center: A migration improves the productivity of equipment, reduces IT operational risks and potential downtime by providing consistent and increased performance for service level agreements and objectives.
• Improved responsiveness to changing business needs: A data center migration produces a leaner more effective IT infrastructure environment. It improves the availability, performance, and flexibility of data center services, enabling a scalable infrastructure and application platform that can meet evolving user demands as the business changes or grows.
• Better security: A migration helps many businesses to see where security gaps exist and provide them with a focus on how to fix any immediate problems. Additionally, as a new IT infrastructure architecture will be simplified in many ways, a more standardized, process-driven approach to security can be adopted.
• Improved IT service levels: A data center migration produces a higher level of consistent service at a reduced cost. As the environment will be simplified and better understood by the whole IT department, it will provide opportunities for greater interoperable and portable IT services and solutions that enable diversity across the business and truly moves IT to a business enabler and not a cost center amongst senior stakeholders.