Enghub provides businesses with data center co-location facilities and services.
Our data center co-location facilities are safe and secure, provide a highly available service, and enable businesses to scale their IT operations when they need to.


Enghub Data Centre Colocation Benefits
Because of the capital costs, operational risks and challenge of building a competent data center facility, businesses turn to co-location providers like Enghub as an economical alternative to owning and operating their own data center. By partnering with Enghub for data center co-location services businesses can benefit from:
• Reduced IT operational costs: Costs of security and technology are shared with other co-location partners and are further reduced by energy-efficiency across the facility. Additionally, you only pay only for space you need and have the flexibility to scale as your business grows.
• Reach and location: Locating closer to your business premises will give a better IT connectivity experience to staff and customers. It may also give you access to better connections as well e.g. Up to 10 Gbps in central London compared to much less outside of the M25.
• The right connectivity: Connect to a choice of connectivity providers, internet exchanges and other network service providers. This will give your business choice so you can optimize costs and design a data center service which truly enables your business and the customers it serves.
• Scalable capacity: As your business grows so does the data management requirements. Instead of having to wait for a new data center facility to be built, co-location facilities give your business access to extra data capacity on demand. Enghub co-location data center facilities help businesses to achieve the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness they need to effectively support business plans.
• Business focus: By outsourcing part of your data management needs to Enghub’s facilities, your IT engineers will be free to undertake other strategically important IT tasks.
• Skilled engineers: Our skilled engineers are proactive in their work and will help you spot any problems with servers, storage or racks before they become business critical. Additionally, as resources are on demand you can choose when to use them and only pay for what you need and not a fixed cost of employment.